Easy Lettuce and Tofu Starter

lettuce leaves

Carefully separated and washed lettuce leaves

Separate leaves so that it remains whole, like a bowl. See picture. When the tofu has been fried, take a lettuce leaf, add a few tofu pieces, and flavor it with sauces such as Sriracha sauce or any spicy sauce, soya sauce and plum sauce. Have plenty of napkins around as you learn to manage this delicate combination. The taste is worth the little mess. The images illustrate the seasoning of the tofu and the seasoned, fried tofu, ready to be eaten.

Tofu Facts

Tofu is a food that is a staple in Asia. It is made from soybean curd, is spongy, and is cheese-like in texture. It has no cholesterol and is also low in saturated fats. It is rich in high quality protein and contains B vitamins and irons. Tofu is bland and has no distinct taste. You can add tofu to a variety of dishes and it takes on the flavor of the spices in that dish. It is especially nice in stir-fry dishes. I have tried it in macaroni and cheese and pizza as well, with very good results. For a newcomer, a good introduction to developing a taste for tofu is to try fried tofu with dipping sauces. This is a good site for more information on tofu


  • About 8 whole lettuce leaves
  • 14 oz. pack of firm tofu
  • ½teaspoon chili powder
  • I teaspoon salt adjust to your taste
  • 2 tablespoons all purpose flour
  • 1-2 tblsps. oil
  • 3 sprigs washed & chopped Cilantro


  • Drain water from container of tofu. Slice tofu into 2" pieces
  • Mix the flour, chili powder & salt. *Pour into a sieve cup
  • Sprinkle this mixture over the sliced tofu. Turn tofu to sprinkle on all sides
  • Heat oil on medium heat for about 30 seconds. A non-stick pan works best
  • Add in tofu. Fry all sides. The coating should have a toasted appearance. Remove from pan
  • Garnish with cilantro
fried tofu

Delicious fried tofu ready to be eaten

seasoning tofu

Seasoning tofu with a mixture of flour, salt & chili powder

*You may choose to add the tofu and spices into a zip-lock bag. Shake thoroughly to coat tofu and then follow recipe for frying in a non stick pan.
For another very quick and easy, yet satisfying and delicious meal with tofu, try Malaysian Noodles

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